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Forget Dinner! January 6, 2012

So the little guy requested bagels this morning.  Probably thought it would be more filling than the English Muffins he had consumed two and three-fold after the lack luster showing of eating approval with the new dinner recipes.  SO, today with his help on topping patrol we decided to make bagels.  Made the dough in my trusty bread machine.

How happy am I that I took the relic out of retirement.  Yeah, it takes up wayyyyy tooo much counter space but I am having fun!  (Watch me jinx it with terrible tasting bagels that are in the oven as I type. ) Only 6 minutes to go!

The little guy helped with the toppings.  We chose cheese, sea salt (good old cape codder)  cinnamon sugar, plain and chocolate coffee bean.  The good thing about making your own bagels you can have a custom selection so easy!

The chocolate coffee bean sounded good at the time.  I got the grinder from Trader Joe’s and it intrigued me.  It had sat on my shelf staring at me, saying please find a use for me…..well maybe this is it, maybe not!  Stayed Tuned!

Maybe the little guy will like this recipe better.  He seems to do better at breakfast anyway! Let’s hope!!

Thanks for reading!  The recipe for the bagels are here: 


One Response to “Forget Dinner!”

  1. Cinnamon sugar are my favorite bagels! Chocolate coffee bean, you guys could be onto something big!

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