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Fabulous Cape Cod Freebies! June 23, 2010

Ok!  So,  I have been away from the blog for a bit, but Cape Cod has a way of doing that to some….especially with the amazing weather and awesome spring we had this year!  With the last day of school today, I look towards what to do this summer.  On the Cape we are so fortunate there are so many things to enjoy for free or little cost.  So, I thought that I would share one or two a week that my family enjoys and hopefully you will discover them too and love the fabulous freebies that the Cape has to offer!

White Sheep

First I would like to introduce you to the Taylor-Bray Farm in Yarmouthport .  We recently rediscovered it as they held their annual sheep shearing festival.  The farm is open to the public year round dawn to dusk and there is no admission fee.  But, if you would like to make a donation to offset the care of the animals, anything would be appreciated.  It has been a farm on Cape Cod since 1896 and acquired by the  town of Yarmouth in 1987 to save it from becoming a development.  YEAH!!     There are sheep, goat and also two Scottish Highland Cattle that were so unusual to the Cape and easy to fall in love with.

Scottish Highland Cattle

There is also a small boardwalk on the property that goes out to the marsh where the view is pretty and the bird watching is plentiful.  I hope if you are traveling  on RTE 6A in Yarmouthport you will check out the farm and let me know what you thought!! Another Fabulous Freebie coming soon!  Stay posted!

The Goats gave the most entertainment!

DIRECTIONS TO THE FARM:..from the lower cape go west on Route 6A through Dennis, to just over the Yarmouth town line, and turn right at Oliver’s Restaurant, and go to the end of the road. from the upper/mid cape area go east on Route 6A through Yarmouth, and turn left at Oliver’s Restaurant and go to the end of the road (Bray Farm Road)


One Response to “Fabulous Cape Cod Freebies!”

  1. sitiaishah Says:

    The farm looks like a lovely place to spend the weekend.

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